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A trust, a responsibility, thank you all for your support and help. Since the server, bandwidth, hard disk and traffic all need financial support, the member download function is activated here. If you are already a member, there is a very urgent video to download. You can directly send the download link to my email: [email protected] Com, please indicate the VIP for the title, I will download it to you at the first time I receive the email. Thank you for coming back again. Thank you!
Ordinary member
  • Every day 2 Non-1080p video
  • Video save 10 Hour
  • Video Limit 200M,Pleasr Upgrade member
  • Email sending prompt
  • Closed at any time。
Silver member
  • Every day 12 Videos
  • Video save 16 Hour
  • Video maximum 1.2G
    Priority: Level 1
  • Email sending prompt
Gold member
  • Every day 18 Videos
  • Video save 24 Hour
  • Video maximum 1.8G
    Priority: Level 2
  • Email sending prompt
Diamond member
  • Every day 32 Videos
  • Video save 24 Hour
  • Video maximum 4.2G
    Priority: Level 3
  • Email sending prompt
  • No ads
 problem encountered in payment? Please contact [email protected]